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  Chartres Cathedral
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Chartres Cathedral (France)

The Cathedral of Chartres ("Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres," French: Cath├ędrale Notre-Dame de Chartres), located in Chartres, about 80 km from Paris, is considered one of the finest examples in all France of the "Gothic" style of architecture. The cathedral is still the seat of the Diocese of Chartres, in the Roman Catholic ecclesiastical province of Tours. 
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Experiences (2)

While studying in Paris in 1997, I took the train to Chatres and visited the town and the cathedral. I had a beautiful day in the little town and was exhilirated when I finally got to see something I had only studied about in my humanities class in college.  
Img Loyda Hernandez
18-04-2010, 22:08
Img Marta Laszlo
05-08-2010, 15:20