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  Banff National Park
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Banff National Park (Canada)

Banff National Park is Canada's oldest national park, established in 1885, in the Canadian Rockies. The park, located 120 kilometres (80 mi) west of Calgary in the province of Alberta, encompasses 6,641 square kilometres (2,564 sq mi) of mountainous terrain, with numerous glaciers and ice fields, dense coniferous forest, and alpine landscapes. The Icefields Parkway extends from Lake Louise, connecting to Jasper National Park in the north. 
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Experiences (4)

I have travveled Banff National park since 1960, The town itself is just another tourist trap with souvenirs made in China, but the surrounding is fantastic lots of hiking trails, with lots of wild life They can be dangerous Stay a safe distance from Bears they maybe looking very tame but are unpredictable.  
Img Len J Vanderlinde
02-08-2007, 20:32
Sinds 1980 kom ik regelmatig in Banff,het is mijn favoriete vakantiebestemming.
Het mooie springhotel en de meren rond deze stad zijn prachtig en meer dan de moeite waard om te bekijken.
In 4 weken tijd hebben mijn vrouw en ik ruim 400 km gewandeld in en rondom Banff.
Img Bernhard Maria Ummels
02-05-2009, 14:35
Impresionante Parque Nacional, con sus majestuosos lagos y montañas únicas.  
Img Carlomagno Rojas Rodríguez
22-06-2010, 20:01
I have been to all these places in Canada. It is like a heaven. Very beautiful, refreshing, relaxing place. One must visit in life time.  
Img Saiyed Kamaruddin Banamia
25-01-2012, 19:56